client testimonial

The first two weeks of laser therapy treatment were the hardest for *Jason McLeod. Something was happening and the side-effects were not pleasant. Yet, thank goodness for his body’s resilience. He overcame the side-effects and pressed on to victory.

“I did the six months laser treatment course. At first it did not agree with me and made me feel nauseous, but after two weeks, my body got used to it. The experience itself was pleasant overall,” said Jason who first heard about the clinic from street pole ads.

In good hands

Jason felt reassured by the comforting treatment of staff who went the extra mile. This helped to make the experience so much more enriching for him. Open communication and an attitude willing to assist were some of the perks. All this in addition to being treated by experts helped him to take it all in his stride.

“The staff are always pleasant and respectful. I was always accommodated if I could not make an appointment on time and there were never any delays when I arrived for appointments,” continued Jason.

Exceptional results

Yet all things said and done, it was not just about praiseworthy service from staff or state of the art treatment, but rather the results. Jason – like all other patients – wanted to see results, and only those would help him to decide if it had all been worth it.

“The results were fantastic. I honestly thought that I was a lost cause, but there has been significant regrowth. I would recommend the Hair Clinic 100000000% definitely! I am very happy, but need a little more treatment to achieve full regrowth,” concluded Jason.


*Jason McLeod is not the real name of the patient who preferred not to be identified