Carboxytherapy for hair loss also known as Carbon Dioxide Therapy originated over 80 years ago in the royal spas of France. Patients who regularly bathed in the carbon dioxide-rich thermal waters displayed quicker wound healing. It was then found that this carbon dioxide exposure to the skin improved blood circulation and the skin’s texture and elasticity.


, Carboxytherapy is gaining ground as a life-changing treatment in both the medical and cosmetic fields. The treatment is used widely throughout the United States and Europe and has now made its way to South Africa.

Carboxytherapy is highly effective in the reduction of hair thinning and stimulation of hair growth, as well as the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite, scarring, wrinkles and alopecia.

How Does Carboxytherapy Work?

Whether hair loss is caused by genetics, environmental factors or illness, Carboxytherapy has proven effective in re-stimulating hair follicles and hair growth. Naturally, hair follicles can take anywhere from 2-6 years to regenerate, and by this time, the majority of a patient’s hair could have been lost. This is why Carboxytherapy has become so popular, with patients reaping the benefits in just three months of their first treatment.

Essentially, Carboxytherapy is a relatively non-invasive treatment which uses small injections of carbon dioxide gas to stimulate hair growth by improving oxygenation of the hair follicle and surrounding blood flow. The carbon dioxide gas is injected just below the surface of the scalp, which in turn stimulates a rush of oxygenated red blood cells to the area which pick up the excess carbon dioxide and eliminate it from the body.

The rush of oxygenated blood works to regenerate hair follicles, while simultaneously increasing collagen and protein synthesis in the hair follicle area. Increased circulation and improved collagen synthesis stimulate the grown follicle which is responsible for increased hair growth.

Who Is Suitable For This Treatment?

If you are in the beginning stages of hair thinning or hair loss, Carboxytherapy is the ideal treatment for you. If you have a receding hairline, this type of therapy could also work wonders. Results only begin to show themselves within three months of treatment.

How Long Is The Course Of Treatment?

Patients are encouraged to undergo a short course of treatments for best results. However, the length of treatment is dependent on the severity of hair loss. Results are not instant as the process works with the body’s natural oxygenation processes.

Real results can typically be seen within three months of treatment, helping reduce hair shedding, stabilise hair loss and increase hair growth. Further maintenance treatments may be required to maintain these results.

What Are The Side-effects?

The process is relatively quick and painless with most patients reporting only minimal discomfort. Additionally, there is no downtime after each treatment- it is considered 100% safe and has displayed a proven success rate for many decades now.

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