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Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating and detrimental to one’s self-confidence, image and emotional wellbeing. In the past, it has been incorrectly thought that hair loss is strictly a male disease but woman actually make up about 40% of total hair loss sufferers.

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Unfortunately, the medical community has not been entirely supportive of women that suffer from this condition; since it is not life threatening most professionals pay no attention to a woman’s complaints about hair loss. Regrettably, modern society has forced woman to suffer in silence. Hair Clinic International will not stand for this, we are here to help you get your confidence and hair back into great shape.

Identify The Cause

Hair loss in women can either be temporary or long-lasting. Temporary hair loss in most cases has a relatively easy solution. However if the cause is not immediately clear, or the patient has been misdiagnosed, the hair loss could be longer lasting if not permanent. It’s always best to have the cause identified as soon as possible, the longer you wait the more risk you run of permanent damage to your hair follicles.


Excessive or abnormal loss of hair is referred to in medical terms as alopecia; the types and severity are varied. Thankfully, many people experience minor to medium hair loss due to an event in their lives such as extreme stress, pregnancy or contraindications to certain medications which are easier to treat. Shedding of hair can be affected by this change, whether it’s due to the hormones, medication or disease. Once properly diagnosed and the cause is effectively dealt with, often the hair will go back to its normal growth and shedding pattern and the hair loss problem will stop.

We Are Here To Help

Nevertheless, some women are forced to deal with their hair loss as a lifelong struggle. They will notice that their hair is starting to thin and fall out and begin to stress because of this. Excessive stress then leads to further hair loss. It becomes a vicious cycle and for the person suffering, if not properly diagnosed and treated, becomes a crutch for the remainder of her life.

To determine the cause of your hair loss and associated problems our Hair Clinic International specialists will microscopically examine your hair sample, scalp and follicles. By doing this we can professionally diagnose your deficiency and in turn, recommend and provide the best solution, treatment or available therapy for you. Whether the cause is genetic, internal or external, we will address your specific needs and treat accordingly.

Whether your main goal is to add volume and length to your current head of hair, regrow what you have lost or simply starting over with a fresh new look, Hair Clinic International is the key.

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