Laser Therapy is not just for those who are losing and who have lost their hair. It is also used to prevent hair loss. We at Hair Clinic International will create a program suited to your needs.


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What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is the use of a red laser spectrum wavelength that is compressed and concentrated to a defined location that allows the light to penetrate with no heating, damaging or negative side effects. This allows for the simulation of blood flow and oxygen in the follicles and scalp, as well the photosynthetic energizing of the follicles. This in conjunction with the prescribed application of pharmaceuticals and products will allow us to stop hair loss and promote re-growth.

The Laser therapy apparatus that is used, by Hair Clinic International, comply with all the applicable safety regulations and is FDA approved worldwide. Cold beam laser technology that is used in our Lasers has been used internationally in the broad spectrum of hair care applications. The power level of our Lasers is one that is completely painless, non-toxic and yet very effective in re-growing your hair. It has been scientifically proven to have no negative side effects, with more than 2500 scientific articles published to back this claim.




In order to determine what is causing your hair loss and the benefits that laser will have for you, careful assessments of the follicle, scalp and hair is required. Contact us or complete your information and one of our qualified specialists will be in touch for a complimentary and confidential consultation.


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