Restore hair

After a rather somber visit to the dermatologist, Ian refused to give up on his hair condition. Against all odds, the ‘problem solver at heart’ pressed on to see if there was anyone out there who could offer real relief and help him to turn the tables.

“I Googled the Hair Clinic after I experienced massive hair loss. I had even consulted a dermatologist who resolved that there was no cure for alopecia. I was disheartened and not very optimistic when I approached them to get their opinion,” said Ian.

The price for radical relief against all odds

According to Ian, his initial response was that it all seemed like a waste of time and money, in the beginning. He could not forget the no hope words of the dermatologist, a medical expert who offered his professional advice on the matter. Besides, if anyone could help, he figured that it would be the dermatologist.

“I also saw their [advertisement] board at William Nicol [Drive] in Fourways, Johannesburg. I was still feeling very sceptical even after my consultation and thought that the treatment was somewhat expensive. I made more research on the Internet and eventually decided to just try it,” explained Ian.

“The hair loss accelerated at the start!”

Imagine Ian’s shock when it first appeared that his money was going down the drain. At least, that’s what it seemed like when his hair loss got worse at the start of the treatment. He noted a change and to his disbelief, things seemed to be taking a turn for the worst.

“I was displeased to note that the hair loss accelerated at the start! It seemed as if my condition was getting worse. I went back to notify them. The staff explained to me that this was normal, but what wasn’t normal was that I was responding to the treatment so much faster than they had anticipated.

They explained that the old hair had to get out and new hair was on its way. The hair loss stopped after about 1.5 months. Within 3 months I saw a lot of improvement. They were also pleasantly surprised at how fast I was responding to the treatment,” said Ian with a chuckle in his voice.

Praiseworthy results – “I got all my hair back!”

Ian says he went to the Hair Clinic International clinic twice a week and was given sprays and tablets, in addition to the laser treatment. The treatment was extensive and thorough. It included Vitamin D and tablets for the prostrate and more. Looking back, Ian believes it was all worth it.

“I got all my hair back! It was such a pleasure to undertake this treatment as the staff at HCI are such pleasant people and flexible with the appointments. I was even sent notification reminders in advance for appointments. I am very very happy with the results.”

“To think that a dermatologist told me that there was no cure. I think the laser treatment and the combination of treatments they offer is the answer today for alopecia. I even recommended it to my friends after they saw the big difference on my head. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Hair Clinic International,” concludes Ian.