Client testimonial

What do you do when patches appear on your head? This happened to Polly*. No matter what she tried, the patches grew worse. She had tried it all yet nothing alleviated the problem. That was until she bumped into a street pole poster that turned everything around.

“I was notified about Hair Clinic International from a street sign board. I thought I should try it as a last attempt. There were patches all over my head and they kept growing. At some point I noted with shock that they were getting bigger,” said Polly* with sadness in her voice from just recalling that awful period in time.


According to Polly*, the patches on her head affected more than just her physical appearance. They destroyed her confidence and contributed to her wellbeing in a negative manner. She was in dire need of help and hoped beyond hope that there was something that this International Clinic could do to help her.

“What I like is that they explain things to you. They did not just help me solve the problem, but also explained the possible causes as well as how to avoid them in future. For example, one of the staff members cautioned me on the dangers of pulling my hair and what hairstyles to avoid. She said it in a way that made sense to me,” continued Polly*.

“It really, really works!” – Polly* 

“I was given pills and the treatment was once a week. I went through a machine. It was not painful at all. From where I was when I started the treatment, I am so happy with the results and can easily recommend the Hair Clinic [International] to others. It really, really works!” concluded Polly*.

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* Polly* is not the client’s real name.