Hair clinic reviews

“The confidence you lose as a woman when you lose your hair is unspeakable. I stopped going out. I started thinking of wigs, caps and cover-ups. It was awful,” said at Hair Clinic International. Patient who wants to be identified only as *Pat.

Even with a head full of hair and radiant confidence during the interview; the hair loss topic is clearly still a painful memory. It is one clouded by shame and feeling “de-womanized”. You can compare it to “the elephant in the living room scenario” that everyone sees, but few want to acknowledge and speak about.

“I lost my hair,” exclaims *Pat with a touch of sadness in her tone. “I went for the hair restoration therapy because I lost my hair,” she pauses.

Rewriting the script

It is hard to believe that there was ever a moment in time that this bubbly lady was not an embodiment of the sun. Just from the brief interview, joy oozes out of her and it is clear that she is a go-getter ready to embrace life. Losing her hair held her back. According to *Pat, it was comforting to know in advance that she could be helped. The initial consultation assessed her situation and gave her renewed hope. “They check you before they accept you,” continues *Pat.

She has unending praises for how pleasant and professional the entire process was. “It was not painful at all. I was given sprays, pills, shampoo and laser treatment. It’s like a hairdryer. There is no pain. The consultant gives you glasses to protect your eyes from the light, and there it is time to just sit and relax,” explains *Pat with a radiant smile in her voice.

So easy and reliable

“As we speak, I am so happy to say that I got my hair back, and more than I had expected. Hair Clinic International is absolutely excellent. When you first go there, you are uncertain. The people there are absolutely fantastic. From the top management to the people who sweep the floor. Their smile makes you feel already better,” says *Pat.

In conclusion *Pat confirmed that even after the treatment, her hair is still back and looks better than ever before. She highly recommends Hair Clinic International without any reservations. *Pat’s crowning glory is glowing and so is the smile on her face.


*Pat is not the real name of the patient who preferred to be identified only as Pat