HCI testimonials

Bad hairline. Unfortunately, African women know this all too well. The proudly African trademarks of braids or the modernisation of relaxer, wigs and weaves come at a price. In all honesty, bad hairlines cut across racial and colour lines… and when they do, low self-esteem and sadness can step in.

The story of Katlego Moeng, a Hair Clinic International patient from Centurion is not an isolated case. She suffered from bad hairline. It extended from left to right. Her story reflects the narrative of many women who opt to hide beneath weaves and wigs rather than face the sad reality of what’s really going on inside.

“Very bad” hairline…

“My hairline was very bad… It was so bald; it was shiny. It took away my self-confidence. Rather than shying away in hats, I chose to embrace it face-on. All the braids and bonding that constantly pulled hair, took their toll,” explained Moeng.

Fortunately there was a turnaround to this bad hair episode. It did not end in the “typical” way of many who silently suffer or cause more hair line damage with false counsel. This story has a happy ending. It started when her sister informed her about Hair Clinic International.

Good news travels

You can’t stop a good thing. Great service, exceptional results and impeccable treatments have a way of saying what Hair Clinic International could never accurately say about themselves. Such was the case when Moeng’s sister heard her GP (General Practitioner / medical doctor)’s praises after successful treatment for help with a balding area in the middle of his scalp.

The results of the GP’s treatment spoke for themselves. They led to the recommendation being shared further, a Google search from Moeng and eventually a free hair consultation. The consultation explained how the treatment works, advised about the deposit and instalment payments and answered all her questions and concerns.

The action plan

“I was worried about the price, but it was worth a try. I didn’t want to risk trying the treatment just anywhere. At HCI they scanned my scalp to give me a diagnosis. They clicked and captured pictures to see the follicles with a white camera of some sort. It took a magnified view of my scalp. I was told that there was hair under the scalp, but the pores were closed. Hence the laser treatment could work,” said Moeng.

Within 6 months, she had a revived hair story to tell. Treatment involved taking pills twice a day. Some of the side-effects she experienced were an increased appetite. This was a downside, especially since she doesn’t like taking pills, but is still taking them to keep her hair in optimum shape.

“No pain at all”

“There was no pain at all during the treatments. I just sat under the laser with my eyes closed as I was told that it could hurt my eyes if the light catches it. I was therefore given goggles to protect my eyes. It was a good environment. Staff was helpful, especially the receptionist and assistant. People were very caring and this made me feel comfortable. I was also given refreshments,” continued Moeng.

All in all, Moeng was very happy with the results. After 3 months, Katlego’s hairline was reassessed to check the progress from pictures taken to compare before and after. She was very happy with her growing hairline at this point.

Six months later the process was repeated with the scanner. “They also looked at the areas that have still not experienced hair growth and offered other solutions without any pressure to opt for them.

“I haven’t plaited or relaxed my hair since. They offered to relax it for me with the right products. I think what I realised after this experience is that they definitely won’t give you false hope as that would ruin their reputation. They are honest with you as a client [patient],” concludes Moeng.