hair clinic testimonial

It’s interesting how people meet up with something significant when they least expect it. One time you may be walking leisurely and the next, bump right into it. Such was the case with Wendy Parkies, a laser treatment patient at Hair Clinic International.

“I saw the street pole ads and because I was suffering from severe hair damage, I decided to read up on Hair Clinic International and testimonials. I had tried so many traditional and non-traditional tools and products to try to fix the years’ worth of damage I had done to my hair, that I knew I literally had nothing more to lose,” said Parkies.

According to Parkies, the free consultation both encouraged and put her at ease. It reassured her of the clinic’s core intentions to help people and their reinforced commitment to find the root cause of the damage. She also wanted to get confirmation beforehand if her condition was reversible.

Strange, but absolutely painless experience…

“The experience was [at] first very strange, especially the spaceship looking laser treatments, but to my surprise, they were absolutely painless.  The pills were not fun to take, so I’m glad that with the new formula you only take one pill once a day.

“The shampoo requires that you wash your hair three times a week which is a bit tricky especially as I was in weaves at the time and African hair is very dry, to begin with, so balancing my moisture levels was at first very tricky. After voicing my concerns with my specialist, she gave me excellent recommendations that made shampooing a breeze,” continues Wendy.

What stood out most to Parkies, is the personalised service and open communication between the patients and consultants. Hair Clinic International is a non-judgmental space where patients are encouraged to share their journey. Patients are not simply considered to be just another treatment they do, each case is personal, each person is different.

“[It] far surpassed my expectations!” – Parkies

“My specialist told me that I could expect to see results after 3 months, so the fact that I was seeing results after 6 weeks, far surpassed my expectations! Granted, my hairline took a bit longer to start growing back (and is still on a journey), but the rest of my hair started to grow after a few short weeks,” said a very delighted Parkies.

She took this experience as a learning curve. It taught her the importance of taking the time to find something that works for you. Treatments were not general. They were tailor-made to her needs – and worked. This is what she is most grateful for.

The results speak for themselves

“There are many hair growth treatments in the market, but what I learned in my years and years of looking for hair recovery treatments, is that one size does not fit all. It makes me very glad that they offer a free consultation where they use a mixture of science and clinical analytics to not only find the root cause of your hair [problems], but also tell you once and for all if you will recover your damaged follicles,” explained Parkies with great excitement and relief.

Like most patients, Parkies was desperate. During our interview, she opened up and admitted that because she’d tried so many other avenues that offered her no relief; she was not expecting much. Her expectations were low, but she had hoped it would work because the treatments were somewhat costly.

“I have to be honest, at first, I kept my treatments a secret as I was very sceptical that they would even work. I was just desperate to try anything, but after I started seeing such quick results, I started talking to EVERYONE about Hair Clinic International”.

“As we speak, a few of my friends are currently doing the laser treatments and others have done the other hair treatments like PRP [Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy]. The treatments are not the cheapest, but with the long-term results you get after your 6 month treatments, they are definitely worth it,” concludes Parkies.