Ethnic Hair Care - Hairstyles that promote hair loss

Experts and scholars pretty much say anything about everything. It is so common to hear controversial arguments regarding diagnosis, treatments and styles when it comes to ethnic Hair Care. However, from time to time, there are those topics and issues that many experts agree on.


Hairstyles that promote hair loss in one of those topics. In this, the last in our series in Ethnic Hair Care, we take a look at the styles that most hair professionals will agree promote hair loss. Prepare to be surprised.


Braids are in many ways a proud symbol of ethnic hair and an embrace of African crowning glory. They are well-styled and appropriate for just about any occasion. However, braiding is a hairstyle that requires the pulling and twisting of hair; which is the recipe for a type of hair loss called Traction Alopecia. There’s no other way of saying it: Braiding can indeed promote hair loss. Should you still insist on this hairstyle, try to opt for loser braids.


In certain social and religious communities, dreadlocks are an embodiment of life. They represent freedom, strength and unity. One can’t but feel a little nudge, that experts have also indicated that the manner in which some locks are tightly pulled and twisted when being made and/or styled may encourage hair loss.

Corn rows

A stroll in a shopping mall or a public area quickly reminds one of the popularity of corn rows. Both males and females style their ethnic hair to get perfect corn rows that can also form part of “straight back” or “straight up” looks. The trend is for hairdressers to showcase their skills by making them extremely tight. The tightness also helps the hairstyle to “last longer”. It can however also promote hair loss and breaking.


Weaves are known to be synonymous with damaging the hair line. In order to sport this gorgeous hairstyle, hair is often pulled and tightly plaited below the weave. In some instances, the hairdressers can plait so tightly that it looks like it comes with a free face lift. While this may cause pain or discomfort, it is tolerated because weaves can be expensive and by making the weave as tight as possible, it can last a little longer and in the end save money (and drop some hair in the process).

Afros, free flowing hair and other natural looks can be great alternatives to saving your hair line. While we are in no case discouraging ethnic hair styles and/or hair care, we simply want to educate you on the pros and cons of the hairstyles. Style your hair with knowledge and in some cases apply a few tips and tricks to lessen the tension and curb hair loss.


Before the damage becomes unmanageable, or if you are concerned that you might already be experiencing hair loss from one of these styles – get in touch with us at Hair Clinic International for a free consultation with one of our hair care experts.