A headlight on hair loss

Hair today, gone tomorrow! – That’s the sad reality of a host of our clients from the world over, who are pulling what little is left of their hair out before they come to us. They are at the end of the road and feel as though they are down to the last follicle!


The reality is that we need not be a “crisis centre” for the desolate who have tried just about everything the world wide web can suggest on the topic of how to get their hair and their dignity back.

Hair loss happens. It however does not need to be permanent. In many cases, help – from professionals – is at hand. Prevention is always better than cure but at Hair Clinic International we can assist you at almost any stage. Even if you think “it’s too late”, our specialised consultants are committed to your hair journey and can provide you with surgical and/or non-surgical hair replacement options.

You have a part to play though. Getting up to speed on the different types of hair loss (also called alopecia) is important so that you can know what to look out for and in some cases, avoid. Here’s a summary to get you up to speed.

Types of hair loss

  • Telogen effluvium: If you were under tremendous pressure and stress, you may have realised this type of reversible condition whereby hair falls out after a stressful experience.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia – Male or female pattern baldness: This is one of those common types of hair loss that is often easy to spot. It is hair loss from the scalp, causing baldness.
  • Involutional alopecia: Have you ever noticed how some older folks have recognisably thinner hair? This can be a result of a natural condition where hair gradually thins with age. As you age, more hair follicles tend to go into the resting phase, resulting in the remaining hairs becoming shorter and fewer.

Help, I think my hair loss condition is different!


When we said that there are many different types of hair loss, we meant it. From a psychological condition called Trichotillomania – people pull out their own hair, to sudden round patches or hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows and pubic areas; we have you covered. Help is at hand. Get in touch with us today for a confidential, free consultation to assess your particular situation and get personalised treatments just for you!