best shampoo for your hair type

You are an individual, with your own DNA and your own head of hair. A blanket approach when choosing a shampoo is an insult to your striking tresses, regardless of how full or how fine they might be.

In general, most scalp and hair types will either be dry, normal or oily and then you need to consider things such as fine, flat, frizzy, shiny, Afro, colour treated and so the list goes on. It’s reassuring to know that a quality shampoo with a good formula will remove your hair of any products leftover from styling, but it should never strip it dry. Regardless of your hair type, once you’ve put a bit of elbow effort into working up a good lather it’s important to cleanse the scalp thoroughly before conditioning.

While there’s no prescribed method for finding the right shampoo, it does help to know the basics about your hair type and the three main conditions that you will find on a shampoo bottle! Here are some guidelines for you:

Dry hair

If you have dry hair it is important to rather opt for a shampoo that will not further dry your hair, but to cleanse it without leaving it brittle and unhealthy. You should look for rich shampoos that contain moisturising and replenishing oil extracts such as those found in avocado, coconut (great for the frizz), essential oils and olive oil. The plan is not to leave hair greasy, but shiny, manageable, strong and healthy in such a way that you will love your hair.

Normal hair

When it comes to hair, the word ‘normal’ is rather misleading as it’s actually the most uncommon hair type. If you fit into this category, then consider yourself lucky. Don’t make the mistake of opting for super-rich formulas or uber expensive conditioners. Carry on doing what you’ve done to date (your fine head of hair is a testimony to this) and opt for sulphate free shampoos to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Oily hair

People with oily hair often struggle with hair that looks dirty or greasy. Your hair condition could easily be ascribed to your beauty habits. If you have an oily skin, it stands to reason that your oil glands are probably producing excess oil too. Gentle daily shampoos are a great way to keep the oily looks at bay and it’s important to get a shampoo that will wash the hair without stripping it of its natural goodness. There are several shampoos that can do this, but keep an eye out for shampoos with lemon and rooibos extracts.

If your shampooing routine isn’t giving you the healthy locks you desire then you might want to consider tying up your hair concerns by getting a better understanding of your hair condition. One way of doing this is by booking a full free consultation with hair care professionals. It is obligation-free and the advice that you get will help you in knowing how best to take great care of your hair as well as give you relevant treatment options.