5 Dangers of chemically treating hair

“As seen on TV” can be an allurement to many. We’ve all seen them, the perfectly coiffed stars holding some ridiculous pose with camera, lights and chemically treated hair. The over styled locks are supposed to look natural and relaxed, when in reality they have been permed or straightened and styled for hours with harmful chemicals to achieve the scripted make over.


While these models and actors can look unbelievably good there are underlying dangers that experts warn against, and we all know (or we should) that the more you do to your hair, the worse the damage over time.


  1. Watch out for hair thinning

Chemically treated and/or relaxed hair is in danger of thinning. In order to change the natural structure of the hair by use of harsh chemicals, it often thins, which puts you in danger of hair loss.


  1. Makes it susceptible to breakage

Strong chemicals on your hair can give you a great hairstyle and make you look super sexy. Yet the very process of making it look its best and the after-effects can make your hair so much more susceptible to breakage.


  1. Uprooting hair from the follicle

At times there is a need to tug, pull and/or comb out hair in order to get the ultimate desired effects. The applied traction that often comes with the process makes it easier to uproot the hair right from the hair follicle.


  1. Over processing

There is the danger of over processing hair. In this case, your scalp can be left with blisters, sores and even patches of hair. This is a common side-effect of chemically treating hair and many describe it as downright uncomfortable and painful.


  1. Harmful to nature

Some of the chemicals used to treat and style hair are harmful to the environment and harsh. Just imagine what they are doing to your head! When used without the correct protective gear (such as gloves) or if ingested by humans and animals, they can be harmful. They can also lead to blindness if they accidentally come into contact with the eyes.


There are many more trending hairstyles that are introduced by popular culture. These include hair extensions, perms, braiding and thousands of different haircuts, colours and styles. It is so important to first know the pros and cons of what you hope to achieve with your new hair care regimen and whether it is suitable for your hair type, before sitting down with your hairdresser. Your hair is your crowning glory and it’s your responsibility to protect it against harm.