mens Hair loss

There are a lot of misconceptions about men’s hair loss (well, actually, hair loss in general). Because so many men battle some form of hair loss in their life, many women believe it’s a natural, normal part of life. And, since many men suffer silently, women never fully understand men’s hair loss or how guys feel about it.


It’s Called Androgenic Alopecia – Not Male Pattern Baldness


It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, this type of pattern baldness is called Androgenic Alopecia. Most often we attribute type of hair loss to genetics – and it could be. After all, it affects so many people.


Women experience Androgenic Alopecia differently than men. Ladies tend to see a widening of their part or an overall thinning of their crown. Men, as you are probably used to seeing, tend to thin dramatically along their temples and this loss pushes towards the crown. There may also be some loss at the crown itself, pushing forward until the entire top of the head is hairless.


When balding happens in another pattern (for both genders, though it’s more pronounced for men), it’s likely to be another type of hair loss.


How Many Men Experience Hair Loss?


About 95% of all men’s hair loss is Androgenic Alopecia in nature. Although you will stumble on the odd (but otherwise healthy) gentleman that can call their hair loss by another name, it’s just not common. On the other hand, Androgenic Alopecia is very common.


According to most accepted statistics,


  • 25% of men begin to experience male pattern baldness before they turn 21,
  • 66% of men experience a degree of hair loss before the age of 35, and
  • 85% of all men have thinning hair before their 50th birthday.


That’s staggeringly common, but it doesn’t make it easier or better.


What Women Should Understand About Male Pattern Baldness


No matter how common hair loss is for men, they aren’t happy about it. In fact, most men are decidedly unsettled by this condition. Most men link their virility to their hair – or at least they believe that’s how others view them.


Men dread hair loss like women worry about weight gain and grey hairs; perhaps even more so.


Unfortunately, most women really don’t know this about their partners or the men in their life. The ladies assume it is natural and don’t make a connection between hair loss (or growth) and the masculinity of the man. But men do. And, they will continue to suffer in silence.


Of course, there is something that can be done about male pattern baldness. We should know; hair restoration and growth is our business. And, we’d love to make sure you don’t suffer through it any longer.