Hair loss Cure

It’s scary when you start to lose your hair. It feels like a reflection on your health and well-being, if not a threat to it.


At the same time, many people find hair loss embarrassing. They look for undercover solutions, skulking around the pharmacy, and ordering medicine from online stores. It’s understandable, of course, but these solutions are rarely as effective as people would hope. After all, generic products are designed for specific conditions.


And, while not all hair loss is the same, knowing the culprit is your first step towards curing your hair loss.


Everyone’s Hair Loss Is Different


There are many, many reasons people lose their hair. There are different levels of Alopecia and a few unusual effluviums. In some cases, hair loss can be tied to genetics but triggered by stress or injury. A person could believe he’s suffering from male pattern baldness (Androgenic Alopecia) only to discover that he’s destined for complete scalp baldness (Alopecia Totalis).


With so many different causes of hair loss, it’s almost impossible to self-diagnose yours.


And, we don’t suggest you try.


It’s not that we want you to suffer, it’s because we don’t want you to waste money on treatments that don’t address the problem. In fact, we don’t want you to suffer at all. We’d like to see you lose the loss, not the hair.


There’s something else you should know. There’s a solution for most kinds of hair loss. But each cause requires a different type of treatment. Sometimes there is a non-invasive therapy. (We’ve got those.) At other times, surgery is required. (We can do that too.) But, there’s no point in randomly trying treatments until one of them works. You can actually do more damage this way.


Remember, too, that some hair loss is temporary.


The only way to know for certain what treatments are available to you, a hair loss specialist will need to diagnose your particular condition. That’s true whether you experience the “typical” signs of male or female pattern baldness, or you’re losing hair from all over your body.


We can guide you through diagnosis and treatment, helping you to understand your loss as well as growth solutions. Or, you can wait in fear and worry until your hair loss suddenly reverses itself. (Good luck with that.)