Dreadlocks & Hair Loss

Certain hairstyles like dreadlocks are – as the idiom puts it – sacred cows. This hairstyle can mean so many things to different people; it can serve as a trendy hairstyle, link to social groups and even has undertones whereby it is perceived to be an integral part to connecting human beings with deity.


Like most sacred cows, it is often held above criticism. Its perks are glorified and very rarely will one read about its potential downsides. One of which is that this stylish hairdo can be the cause of hair loss in both men and women.


Watch out for traction alopecia…

In order to make and style dreadlocks, there needs to be a bit of pulling. When this type of tugging exerts a lot of pressure on the hair follicle over an extended period, it can lead to hair loss. This type of condition is known as traction alopecia.


Here are some symptoms people with dreadlocks should watch out for:


  • Dreadlocks becoming visibly less anchored
  • Dreadlocks falling out
  • Receding hairline due to the strain placed by your locks
  • Patches of hair exposing the scalp
  • Thinning of previously thick hair


It’s too late, I can relate to the symptoms. What now?

If you can relate to one or more of the above mentioned symptoms, then you could be experiencing hair loss as a result of your dreadlocks. Tying your hair up tightly to try and cover the loss of hair, may only perpetuate the issue and most likely lead to even more hair follicles being damaged over time.


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