Single Hair Treatment or Combination Therapy

We live in a day and age where instant gratification is not only preferred but expected. This goes for everything including hair restoration therapy. While most people will tell you to wait it out, that ‘patience is a virtue’, and all that jazz, there is a way in which to speed up hair regrowth… with the help of combination therapy. The question is, is combination therapy the best choice for you? Or are you better off with single treatment therapy? We ‘split hairs’ about it below…

Ultimately, after your free consultation at the Hair Clinic International and the findings thereof, it will become clear whether single or combination treatment is your best bet.
Single treatments are best for those who wish to prevent hair loss, those who are in the early stages of hair loss and those who have completed their treatments already and simply wish to maintain their newly regained luscious locks.

For others, however, especially if hair loss is advanced, we believe that combination treatment is often the right choice, as it is likely to lead to better, faster results.

Our Recommendations

We recommend that you take up our offer of consultation before you do anything else! With your head of hair or lack thereof, quite literally in our hands, your expert consultant will then be in a position to advise as to whether you should combine hair replacement with either laser therapy or Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy. This combination will lead to a reduction in the area requiring hair replacement and will lead to more natural hair growth.
Surgery can also be combined with laser therapy in order to speed up the recovery process and to help the donor follicles produce stronger, healthier hairs.

Other useful combinations include laser therapy & PRP; laser therapy & Mesotherapy; laser therapy & Carboxy; laser therapy & Hair Fillers therapy and even Mesotherapy & PRP. The combination that you choose will depend on your unique situation and preferences.

For more information about combination treatments, do not hesitate to get in touch!