Self image and hair loss

Goldilocks and the Three BearsRapunzelCinderella; the list goes on. From childhood we have been engraved with socially accepted notions and fairy-tales that the heroine (and hero) have the most stunning head of hair. It is not just about looking good, but something that has forever been portrayed as being intricately linked to your life’s journey that can play a part in your life’s victories.

Life is not always a fairy-tale, yet what is true is that for the most part, people are judged by their appearance. In as much as what is inside cannot be understated, the reality is that there is often an unwarranted correlation between scruffy hairlines, hairless patches and how society relates to individuals.

Underlying stereotypes

Without even saying a word, your hairless head is engaging in non-verbal communication. There are certain underlying stereotypes regarding people with alopecia and regardless of them being true or not; there are all too many that believe these fixed generalisations that are often negative.

Myths and ideologies

Non-verbal communication accounts for much more than verbal communication. So your hairless condition could be involuntarily wrongfully “boxing you”. It is difficult to address myths and ideologies in society as they are often passed on from one generation to the other. Many accept them without questioning them.

What your hairless features may be saying about/to you may affect so much more than your self-image, and feed into unquestioned “truths” people believe, regardless of your personality or convictions.

We don’t live in a bubble

The reality is that no matter how you see yourself, in order to have a healthy balanced social and personal life, it involves interaction with others. In spite of the fact that you accept your hair loss ordeals, it may still negatively affect your dating life, career and interactions with others. We are all interconnected and social beings at heart.

Yet all is not lost. There is help. It starts by booking a full free consultation with hair care professionals who are skilled and able to help you restore your hair dignity. For the most part, you could get your own hair back and/or accentuate your best features with quality hair solutions such as Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, and hair extensions. We are committed to helping you. Please, reach out to us today.