hair extensions

Everyone loves movies. Okay, almost everyone. It’s the glamour and style as much as the story and acting. We quickly become enamoured with our favourite performers and their characters. And, once we’re completely hooked, we can’t pass a magazine rack without noticing the gorgeous looks and locks of well-known celebrities.

You can try to deny it… but we know you do it too.


And then, you probably spend time fantasizing over hair and clothes. Seriously, don’t try to deny it; it’s been like this since Hollywood heydays. So, it’s hardly surprising that hair extensions became wildly popular as soon as they hit the streets. Far better than wigs when it comes to comfort, extensions transform your appearance instantly.


But, there isn’t just one type of hair extension – and you want to take the decision seriously.


Different Types of Hair Extensions


If you’ve ever walked into a wig shop, you’ve seen just how much variety is available to those that want to change their appearance (or follow religious rules). There are high-quality, human hair wigs featured among synthetic wigs and even cheap costume articles.


It’s the same for hair extensions.


Different types of extensions require different application methods – and some extensions look and feel more natural than others. Knowing the difference rather than being swept off your feet Hollywood-style could determine whether you maintain your natural growth, or you damage it permanently.


Keratin Bond – This type of hair extension is attached to your natural hair via keratin bonds at the tips of the extension. These are applied with heat. They typically look great, but maintaining these hair extensions is another story altogether. In addition to regular hair appointments, you will need to be careful about the products you use – and you’ll need to steer clear of heat styling as this will weaken the bonds.


Tape Extensions – Imagine double-sided tape with strands of hair attached and you’ve got the basic principle behind this type of extension. Your own hair is taped in along with the extensions. These tend to look great at first, but as your natural hair grows, you will have to pay close attention to maintenance as your hair doesn’t grow at the same speed or at the same time. Additionally, you will need to have these removed professionally as you can damage your natural hair doing it yourself.


Micro-Cylinders – These extensions have become popular over the past few years as they don’t damage your hair as much as some of the other methods. To apply these, a small ring clamps around both your hair and the new extensions. This type can be used with fragile or very short hair, making them very versatile, and even allowing for more styling products than other methods. Micro-cylinders are not cheap however and do not provide complete freedom when styling.


Sewn-In Wefts – Products like HCI’s KlixTENSIONS are easily the best for protecting your own hair and providing you with natural-looking extensions. Strands of human hair extensions are hand threaded onto a weft and attached with silicone lined micro-links. This development provides you with complete protection while allowing you the most natural look and complete styling control. Unbelievably, these can be removed in 10 minutes if you change your mind – and they’re also reusable as long as you’ve cared for them properly.


If you’re after Hollywood style alone, you can choose any one of these systems that you like. You’ll find there’s a range of human hair and synthetics available for each one. But, if you want to protect your hair and your investment, you only have a single option. KlixTENSIONS are our choice because we care for hair and about hair loss as much as people love the glamour of the Red Carpet and the stories on the big screen.