balding having a negative impact on your life

The dress code is business wear, corporate gears and formal power suits, but you are constantly sneaking in baseball caps, inappropriate bandanas and “doeks“. Perhaps you are at such a point of desperation that you are sticking DIY hair patches, concealing bald patches with hair fibers or looking like a walking experiment of Google home remedies to regrow hair.

Whatever the case; stop it. Please. Not only can balding sometimes have a negative impact on your life and work, but it can convert you into a laughing stock, and it is not just a male problem. Many women are also faced with this predicament. Here are some of the personal and social effects balding people know all too well.

Personal/social negative effects of balding:

  • Drops self esteem
  • Affects self-image
  • Makes you “look older” than what you may actually be
  • Possibly stints career advancements as people don’t take you seriously and concentrate on your “stadium” (as some call it)
  • Limits dating pool (men may shy away from dating a balding woman)
  • May cause you to be more anti-social as you feel a bit out
  • Topical gossip topic amongst colleagues
  • Makes you more self-conscious

This is by no means applicable to all balding people. Some live with it, accept it and can rock that “stadium” with no shame. However, if you can relate to any of these negative thoughts or feelings, and you are looking to overcome them; there are always solutions for you. Contact Hair Clinic International today to set up a free hair consultation with our experts.

We have many testimonials of hair turnaround accounts and we’d love to get yours too. Your good hair days and crown full of vitality and hair is not that far away. For the most part, we can help you rewrite your hair journals. Receding hairlines, thinning Crowns, bald patches; we have you covered. Get in touch now!