Non Surgical Hair Replacement

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Your hair is thinning faster than you can cope with. And, you know it’s a race against the clock. Every day you delay treatment is another day that might just be too late. You know it, but you’re not sure you can stomach the idea of surgical intervention.


We understand.


We also know how important your hair is to you. Thinning and balding make you feel rather impotent, whether you’re a 30-year-old man or a 50-year-old woman (and, of course, everyone else).


And, while the products you’ve seen advertised on international blogs and adverts hold some promise, nothing comes close to the treatment you receive from professionals that work to reverse hair loss day-in and day-out. You know that too, don’t you?


Funnily enough, there are plenty of people that assume a visit to a hair restoration clinic will result in surgical procedures. It’s true, it might come to that. But, it’s not the first course of action for everyone.


You see, hair loss has many causes and everyone’s body experiences different levels of hair loss. And, that’s precisely why there are non-surgical options available to treat hair loss. Some can be used on their own while some are suggested as treatments complementary to other procedures. Depending on your hair loss and its causes, these non-surgical procedures might just be all you need to regain that lush head of hair you once had.


Laser Therapy – Don’t worry, this isn’t laser surgery! Hair Clinic International uses another type of laser altogether. These “cold lasers” stimulate the hair follicles under your scalp. This draws blood to the area and supplies the roots with the necessary nutrients and to jumpstart the growth of previously dormant cells. This procedure is used along with pharmaceuticals to stop hair loss – and, possibly more importantly, stimulate regrowth. Because this is an entirely non-invasive option, it’s the first choice for many patients given the option. But, it’s not right for everyone – or every level of loss.


Follicular Regeneration – If you get excited by innovations and the clever ways science is changing our lives, then you should pay close attention to this procedure. Rather than lasers, the process of follicular regeneration is a non-surgical treatment that works with blood – specifically yours. Although there are needles involved in this procedure, there are a few pluses that many patients prefer. As your blood holds the keys to your hair growth, a small amount is drawn and the life-giving elements (as far as your hair follicles are concerned) are extracted and then injected into the areas of your scalp that need a boost. You don’t need to deal with allergies or reactions because it’s all your tissue and material. That said, you will see better results when you double up this procedure with laser treatment. So, if you’re after speed, you might want to consider both.


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement – You can hide your hair loss with a wig, but you know the limitations of that, don’t you? It’s impossible to get to the gym or ride in the car with the windows open. Hair replacement isn’t like that. It is a substitution, mind you, and one that is cleverly crafted to match your hair; but it’s not a wig. Instead, medical grade adhesive allows real human hair to conform to your head as if it was your own. You can brush it, wash it, drive with the top down, sweat and even allow your partner to run their fingers through it without hesitation. It’s so incredible that you may actually need to see it to believe it.


You should also know there are many configurations of treatment that may be right for your hair restoration. But, one thing is clear; you shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to deal with your hair loss. Every day that passes decreases your treatment options – and one day soon, you may only be left with the surgical options you never wanted to consider.

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