Non Surgical Hair Replacement solutions

Millennials. Also referred to as the technology savvy, Generation Y and iGen. In short, they are those fired up folks born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Maybe you are even one of them.

While life behind a constructed graphic avatar can seem great (as opposed to putting a real picture of yourself), the reality – particularly if you have hair issues, can be the other thereof. You can’t always nip-and-tuck or Photoshop real life, but all is not lost. There are a few tried and tested Non-Surgical Hair Replacement solutions for Millenials.


Perks of our Non-Surgical Hair Replacements

Anyone can do a digital search and get an unlimited amount of proposed solutions, but while online shopping has its place; purchasing such hair solutions online can be downright risky or embarrassing to say the least.


You can trust Hair Clinic International to manufacture and distribute incredibly high-quality natural hair solutions. Our partners are the leading manufacturers of natural human hair replacement systems that will turn heads everywhere you go.


Details are everything

We don’t just “give you a replacement patch” or funky hat with bits of hair sticking out of it; no we are not your typical online search quick fix. We are detailed. We love what we do; helping people to look their best from the top-down so that they can shine from the inside out.


Extend your trust to the experts 

We don’t use blanket approaches, but offer custom-made solutions which comprise of excellent-quality human hair. We take the time to skillfully match the hair to your hair colour, texture, density, age, your existing hair and overall look and feel. We’re not your “lucky packet” type of surprise hair fixers, but are experts in getting it right, relatively within your budget.

For a free hair consultation to offer you a custom hair solution, book your appointment today. This will give us a shot at assessing your situation and giving you solutions that you can count on. It is absolutely obligation-free. There’s nothing to lose, but perhaps that avatar…