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We know you waited until your partner left to pick up something from the shop. Or, you cleverly angled your laptop away from your colleagues so they wouldn’t catch you researching hair loss and, we know that you don’t have much time so we won’t keep you.

Somewhere deep inside, you know that there’s nothing wrong about hair loss and baldness. There’s something sexy about Vin Diesel and there’s something courageous in the peach fuzz left after agonising rounds of chemo. Still, when it’s not your choice, hair loss makes you feel vulnerable, and perhaps a little powerless. We get it.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve hidden your screen (and your hair loss secret) from your friends or colleagues. You’ve spent hours determining whether it’s your diet, your lifestyle, your maternal (or paternal) heritage or if that accident you had a few years back could have triggered all this hairless discomfort. Since you first noticed the excess hair on the floor in your shower, you’ve been suffering silently, trying desperately to hide your hair loss underneath a cap. You’ve spent countless hours reading shampoo bottles and considering home treatments that you think you can get away with in secret.

Now its time to stop all that silent suffering. We’d like you to regain that powerful sense of self that you always imagined you would have. (we know you don’t believe us yet, but it’s easier than you think.) Here’s what you need to know before you click off this page.


Home Treatments Don’t Work – Hair loss is a medically recognised condition. There is a physiological reason for your hair troubles. Home remedies may not hurt, but they can’t correct the problem. That said, you can create an environment for hair re-growth by eating healthier foods, getting enough sleep and keeping stress at bay. A truly healthy lifestyle is difficult for most people. Just focus on this and let the professionals worry about the correct treatments for your particular condition.


There Isn’t One Reason for Hair Loss – Sometimes hair loss is hereditary. At other times, stress actually can cause your hair to fall out. There are medications and treatments beyond chemotherapy that will cause hair loss, even if you have no other type of reaction. For men, the biggest cause of hair loss is Androgenic alopecia (also known as Male Pattern Baldness). Many women experience differences in hair growth during and after pregnancy. The cause of your hair loss can be as complex as you are.


A New Head of Hair Doesn’t Mean Surgery – Hair plugs and implants are scary. That’s why you may have been sifting the internet looking for an easier alternative. After all, the hair that you miss so much is ever so close to your scalp. Do you really want to risk it? In most cases, you don’t have to. Laser alternatives and Hair Replacements work wonders, and it doesn’t need to put you out of pocket either.


The Longer You Wait, the More You Suffer – Thinning hair is hair loss, whatever the cause. Without intervention (or using the wrong treatments), that means baldness over time. The longer you wait to address the problem and get to work on the solution, the more hair you will lose. If you’re okay with that, feel free to continue suffering; it’s your call but it’s always easier to stop hair loss and encourage re-growth than it is to start with a shiny head or thin dual hair.


Now, we know you need to go; we understand that you want to keep this a secret but just because you’re silent, it doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Contact Hair Clinic International when you have a moment and book a free consultation.