Spring hairstyle guide to avoid hair loss

Spring is the season whereby what seemed dead in winter, lives again in a new season. It is a time where what was hidden underneath the ground, rises again with renewed strength. A time when you are no longer dormant and life infuses from the inside out.

Spring is a time to live. A time to dance in the gentle rain and regroup. It is a season of strength. A season of life and a time to let your hair down. To nurture the natural and this includes your hair. Below is a spring hairstyle guide to avoid hair loss.

Natural goddess and king

Spring heralds coming into oneness with self. It is a time to celebrate who we are, as we are. Instead of chemically treating hair with strong harmful products (such as when relaxing or straightening it), rather opt to let it free and harness its beauty. Keep it clean, natural and just let it be. Let your natural hair structure guide you. Embrace the curls, twirls, afro, straight or healthy frizz hairdo.

Untangle, unplait and unwind

Let go. If ever there was a time to let the sun in, it is now. Avoid hairstyles such as cornrows and braids as they may promote a type of baldness called Traction Alopecia. It can happen from pulling hair tightly. If you are a sucker for braids, rather opt for looser French braids or French twists.

Loosen up

Tight ponytails are the go-to hairstyles that many revert to on a daily basis. Regularly going for a hairstyle that tugs your hair upwards may leave you with a feeble hairline. Fringe (bangs) are not just in this season, but they may also help your hairline to restore and/or heal.

Spring is a season of growth and blossoming. Make sure that what you do to your hair promotes radiance and healthy hair. If for any reason you are doubting your crowning glory, then it is time to consult us for a free hair consultation with one of our trained professionals and hair care experts. No strings attached, just the prospect of healthy, springy hair on your head.