I started losing my hair around my crown when I was 16, by the time I was 22 I was completely bald on the top of my head.


I always wore caps so I could hide it. I stayed away from clubs and places that I couldn’t wear a cap. I was very athletic and did tons of sports but this stopped when I lost the confidence to participate. I lost the majority of my 20’s, the prime of my life, because my hair loss restricted me. I lost my job as a sales manager due to a lack of confidence. I was in my twenties and looked like I was in my forties.

I was laughed at in a club because I was “an old man trying to be young” I was only 24.

I couldn’t take it, I was single with no chance of finding a girlfriend…. Until I went to HCI and did the Hair Replacement Program.

I now have my self-esteem back. I landed a great job, I’m playing sports again and I’m the guy that ladies chat up. I can now do all the things that I missed in my twenties.
I only regret one thing…. That I didn’t go see HCI sooner