So I went to the branch in Cape Town and I met the Lovely Loren & Aleen.
went in for a consultation and I was in tears! Because for the first time in months I had physical and emotional help from two amazingly supporting women!
I immediately opted in for Laser treatment, came in the next day and done two sessions, Aleen gave me my vitamins and I was done for the day!
I messaged about Loren very very late one evening hoping she’s asleep and that I do not bother her. but guess what? She answered me immediately and it was like a snap of fingers and Loren made sure my appointment was in for the following week. talk about amazing service.
Okay back to laser.. five days after my first laser therapy I decided to investigate my bald spots.. and what is happening is that I have hair!!! finally, after how many months of struggling to get even a little follicle of hair to be seen, I actually have hair growing out! I feel so blessed and at ease knowing that within five of starting this process and I still have 9months to go. results so far are amazing!!!