Hi My name is Phumza Sokhetye.

I would like to share my experience with Hair Clinic International.

When I first came in November 2020, I wanted to have a feel and gauge if this was for real. I had tried several things before with no success and so I was skeptical. But my desperation for a change drove me to give Hair Clinic International a try.

I was welcomed by Desiree Govender, their specialist based in Durban. She explained the whole process to me and showed me pictures of other clients whom they had helped. I was impressed by the professionalism and care that was demonstrated such that I decided I would sign up for the program immediately. I was willing to give this a try even if it had been explained that there we no guarantee as different people respond differently. What I saw and the explanations provided gave me enough faith to commit to the program.

I had no pores on my hairline as a result of prolonged use of dreadlocks. Being a business woman and an academic as well as a fashion scientist, I have to meet many people and attend various meetings, functions and events nationally and internationally. The lack of my hairline used to bother me as I am particular about presentation and my looks. To some extent, this may have had a negative effect on my self-confidence.

Now I sing a different song. Only three months into the programme I can already see my hairline growing back on. Its unbelievable. I feel so great and look forward to completing the program. I can only imagine how my hair will be by the time all of this is complete. I have also had a pleasant surprise in this process. My eyebrows and eye lashes have grown and are more visible than I have ever had. This is a definite bonus.

I can evidently, see my confidence levels rising again. The products and laser treatments as well as the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is doing the trick.

I can’t wait to start the Growth Factor which should enhance my hair growth. I am excited.

I am grateful to the Team at Hair Clinic International Durban for this make-over.

I have no hesitation to recommend Hair Clinic International to anyone who has similar or other hair growth issues.


Hair Clinic International Result