Hereditary Hair Loss

If you find that you’re experiencing premature hair loss, as in far sooner than you’d ever hoped to, it’s easy to turn around and blame mom, dad… or even grandpa! The question is, just how big of a role does genetics play when it comes to premature balding? We investigate below.

The Unfortunate Truth

Before we go into the details, the fact of the matter is that hair loss (certain types of hair loss, at least) is indeed hereditary. Unfortunately, the actual science behind this link to DNA is not very well understood. What is known, however, is that when it comes to male pattern baldness, the androgen receptor, which is found on the X chromosome that you inherit from your mother, is one of the genes involved.

Having said this, it is definitely not the ONLY gene involved. According to different studies that have been conducted over the years, if premature baldness exists anywhere in a male’s family, the chances are much higher that he will suffer from it too.

But That’s Not All…

It is important to remember that there are also a variety of external factors that have the potential to influence when you start to lose your hair. Stress, trauma, unhealthy lifestyle habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption etc.) and poor diet choices can all have a negative effect on those once luscious locks.

The good news is that you have plenty of hair restoration treatment options available to you should you decide to stand up and fight against the hair loss process. From laser therapy to non-surgical hair replacement, help is just a phone call away. Get in touch with Hair Clinic International today to book your free consultation!