Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment using cytostatics, is known to cause hair loss in a number of patients. Below, we answer a few frequently asked questions about chemotherapy and hair loss so that you know what to expect throughout your journey to new-found health.

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

Chemotherapy works by targeting the cells in the body that divide rapidly, most notably the cancer cells themselves. Unfortunately, the cells found in the hair follicles all over our bodies are also known for their rapid division and, as a result, they become targets too.

How Soon After I Start Treatment Can I Expect to Lose My Hair?

This varies from person to person. Having said that, hair loss is most common between 2 and 3 weeks after the first course of chemotherapy.

How Quickly Will It Fall Out?

Again, this depends on the patient. It might fall out quickly in large clumps or it may begin to thin gradually. Everyone experiences hair loss differently (and some lucky patients may not lose it at all!)

Will Wearing a Wig or a Scarf Make it More Difficult for My Hair to Grow Back?

Not at all – this is a total myth.

Will My Hair Grow Back Once I Have Completed The Treatment?

In most cases, yes. However, if it does not grow back quite to your satisfaction, there are a variety of special hair restoration treatment options available to you.

If It Does Grow Back Naturally, Will It Look the Same As Before?

The colour and texture of your hair may be slightly different. Usually, it grows back darker than before and maybe a little bit thicker. These changes are often temporary, however, and you should have your old tresses back after about a year.

If you find that you need a little help getting your crowning glory back in its entirety, you can turn to the experts at Hair Clinic International for assistance. We are here to support you throughout this journey, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us to book your free consultation.