Laser Thearapy

If you’ve tried lotions, ointments, potions, old wives tales, homemade concoctions and just about anything under the sun that you could think of and you’re still struggling with hair loss; then you should consider laser hair restoration therapy as an intervention. It is not just for those who are suffering from hair loss of one type or another, but can also be used as means to prevent it.

As with all things at Hair Clinic International, you can expect confidentiality and tailor-made solutions to analyse and treat your particular case. It is not just a personalised touch we pride ourselves in, but our compliance to international benchmarks.


Safety first

If you are considering the laser hair regrowth option, rest assured that the laser therapy apparatus used by Hair Clinic International, complies with safety regulations and is FDA approved worldwide. Furthermore, you will be in the capable hands of trained experts, from the time you come in for your free consultation to the time you finish your laser therapy.

The cold beam laser technology is internationally used in the broad spectrum of hair care applications. More than 2 500 articles have been published about it; and solidify the claim that it is non-toxic and extremely effective in promoting hair regrowth.


What to expect

Expect to be spoiled with a satisfying Cappucino and a comfortable procedure that is completely painless. Each session lasts for 20 – 30 minutes. The number of sessions you will receive is dependent on the program you are on. All the nitty-gritties will be discussed in the consultation.

A red laser spectrum wavelength will be concentrated on a defined location so as to penetrate and stimulate blood flow and increase oxygen to the hair follicles and scalp. This promotes hair re-growth. The program is complemented by pharmaceutical products to further enhance hair growth.

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