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Best Winter hair trends you can wear now


The South African Winter Hair Trends You Need to Know

It’s getting cold out there. Suddenly, you’re searching for the perfect jersey to snuggle into and grabbing the warmest socks in the drawer every morning. But, just because the nights are longer and mornings are more difficult, it doesn’t mean you can slack on your appearance. You know it. Your colleagues know it and your boyfriend or husband knows it too.

Winter doesn’t mean that everything fun about fashion and beauty has gone out the window in favour of simple makeup and frumpy, weather-reactive hair. Oh no! This is the best time of year to evolve your personal style and make a statement – starting with your hair. (After all, you’re hiding your feet in the warmest socks you can find, right?)

During autumn and winter, style revolves around a few key concepts. You want to feel – and look – warm, cosy, inviting and relaxed. It’s not about complicated upsweeps and excessive straightening. But, it’s also not about covering your crowning glory in hats.

So, what winter trends define South African hair in 2015?


Add Some Fire to Your Life


You already know that anything with blue undertones conveys coolness; that means silver jewellery and light grey clothing. So, steer clear of it as best you can. Red undertones project warmth and radiance. Red draws people to you and subconsciously makes you feel warmer on the inside.

But, it’s not about adding in bright red streaks this year. Hair colour should be very understated in 2015. Aim for a tone that’s close to your natural colouring, whether your hair is blond or black. Use a wash or permanent colour that has a red base that accents what you already have.


It’s Time for a Fringe


A fringe, when properly done and maintained, highlights the face. It also draws attention to your features and the front of your hair. This is especially important during the winter months when hair (especially in South Africa) gets a beating from the environment.

The modern fringe is deep-set, beginning close to the top of the head. And it is definitely not a straight cut across the eyebrows. For those with straight hair, the best fringe curves around the forehead with longer corners, as if cupping the face. Ladies with naturally wavy locks should opt for something a little longer that can be swept behind the ears to accent the bounce in their hair.


Layers and Fullness Are Crucial


winter hair trends hair extensionsTake a look at the long locks of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Keira Knightly. These ladies all have something in common, even though their styles are very different. Each style features layers that lay comfortably. And this style offers a lot to be thankful for during the winter. Long layers provide simplicity when it comes to styling. Often it is a matter of washing, conditioning and leaving hair to dry naturally in place. (During the winter, you may need to add an extra conditioning or gloss product if you use a hair dryer.)

Don’t have long hair that can be layered? It’s time to get extensions. This year, hair styles are all about length, fullness and layers. Extensions allow you to have it all. They also make it easier to add in that ever-so-inviting fringe. When properly and professionally done, extensions help to protect your hair and scalp from the damage that occurs naturally during winter.

Concerned about your hair care during winter months? How about caring for your hair extensions? We care about that too. And, it’s probably time to bookmark this blog as we’ll be discussing these issues over the next couple of weeks. It’s also easier to check back once a week for real tips than it is to find a perfectly snugly jersey.

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