Winter hair care

You know it’s winter when you’re almost afraid to step out of the shower in the morning. No matter how warm that water was, you’re hit by an icy blast as soon as you pull back the curtain. And then, there’s the challenge of getting ready for work with the lights low on the horizon (if the sun is up at all).


While winter is never as bad in South Africa as we think it might be, it can still do some serious damage to skin and hair. The colder temperatures make it difficult for your body to get and hold onto the moisture in the air – when there is moisture in the air. Up in the Highveld, you run the risk of feeling like a dried, aged piece of parchment for several months. You can shrug it off if you want, but we don’t recommend it – especially when it comes to your hair. You can create an unhappy environment if you’re not looking after it during the winter months. Now, that won’t trigger hair loss by itself, but it won’t help if the hair growth cycle is suddenly interrupted.


Winter Hair Care


The ever so slight bonus that comes with winter hair care is that it might take you less time than you’d spend during summer. It might even give you the courage to face the arctic winds following your shower.


Stop Washing Your Hair – No, we don’t mean altogether. Though, the less you wash your hair, the easier it is for the roots to hold onto the moisture they need. Of course, you will quickly find yourself feeling as though you could wring your hair out for cooking grease so you’ll need to wash it occasionally. Aim for two or three times a week (if you can achieve this balance in summer and go longer during the winter, your hair is set for faster growth).


Add a Deep Conditioning Treatment – Most people with longer hair (and that’s everything that reaches past the ears for this discussion) find conditioning after washing helps with maintenance, shine and appeal. But, we don’t mean that type of conditioner here. You shouldn’t stop using your regular conditioner, but pick up a deep conditioning treatment that locks the moisture in and use it once a week.


Dry Your Hair Completely – We’re big fans of allowing your hair to dry naturally… when it’s warm out. When the temperature drops, it’s time to pull out that hair dryer. We know your mom never let you leave the house with wet hair because she didn’t want you to become ill. (That does happen.) But, there’s another reason too. During winter, the colder air mixed with damp hair is a recipe for split ends, damage, and weakened hair follicles. Dry your hair before leaving the house or wrap it with a silk scarf if you need to leave in a hurry.


Cut Back on Styling – Find a style that sits well without curling irons, straighteners and loads of products. As much as you need to dry your hair to protect it from the cold, you shouldn’t do much more than that if you can help it. Of course, you’re going to go all out for your cousin’s wedding¸ but you shouldn’t be over-styling every day. Your hair is doing a lot of work already just trying to hang on for those gorgeous summer months.


Dealing with Minor Issues

There are a few things that drive everyone mad during winter like static and hat hair. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can use to avoid these. If your hair becomes static-ridden during winter (or anytime, for that matter), pick up a box of fabric softening dryer sheets. Rub one across your hair (but don’t grind it into the roots) and watch the static disappear. If you do need to wear a hat to keep your head warm, wrap a silk scarf around first (cotton and linens can work against your hair). When you lift your hat and scarf, you won’t find hat head.


And, when you step out of the shower, bravely facing that icy cold, you can always run your hands through dry hair to release the rest of the moisturiser from your hands. It’s an extra drop of love that will help to retain the moisture your hair needs.