Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder, often triggered by stress, which causes the sufferer to pull his or her own hair out, ultimately leading to noticeable hair loss and bald patches over time. While the most common area on which the hair pulling occurs is the scalp, sufferers may also pull out their eyelashes, eyebrows and / or body hair.

What Causes It?

The disorder is most commonly brought on by stress and an inability to cope with a range of negative emotions. It is also thought that genetics play a role in its development, as does the existence of other disorders within the sufferer including OCD, depression and / or anxiety.

Who Does It Affect?

Surprisingly, trichotillomania is often more common in children and teens than in adults. Statistically, the disorder tends to affect more women than men, especially when it comes to teenage and adult sufferers.

Is It Treatable?

Most definitely, yes. The disorder itself can be treated through psychotherapy, the use of specific medications, as well as through behavioural therapy. Once the disorder and the impulses are under control, there are also a number of options to consider in order to speed up hair regrowth.


The good news is that permanent damage of the hair follicles is unlikely, so the more invasive procedures, such as surgical restoration therapy, are not often necessary in order to achieve desired results. Options like laser hair restoration therapy are much better suited to recovering trichotillomania sufferers and will help to speed up the hair regrowth process exponentially! It’s best to treat both the disorder and the subsequent hair loss in the early stages, as left untreated, it can lead to traction alopecia and follicular scarring.
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