Does what I Eating Effect Hair strength

Hair loss can happen for a myriad of reasons – and vitamin deficiency is one of them. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean being locked in a single room, eating nothing but pre-prepared foods under artificial lights for many years. But, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that what you put into your body has an effect on how healthy you are.

And, there are foods that will create the right conditions to promote hair growth. That’s not to say that these foods will cause your hair to grow – especially if you are already in a cycle of loss, but they will create optimum growth conditions. (Incidentally, you should give us a call if you’re concerned about hair loss; there are non-diet treatments we can offer.)


Ready to begin eating for healthy hair?


Salmon – We know, we know… if you hear one more thing about Omega-3s… But, these fatty acids maintain a healthy scalp, and you need that for hair growth; they also add a beautiful sheen. You could bump your avocado intake if you’re a vegetarian.


Sunflower Seeds – These babies are high in Vitamin E, and they help to increase blood flow to your scalp. You probably don’t need to be told that blood is good for growth. Most raw seeds and nuts are high in this vitamin – so is spinach.


Spinach – This leafy green isn’t just loaded with Vitamin E; it’s also full of Iron which is essential for hair growth. Anemia (which is an iron deficiency) will result in hair loss.


Yellow Peppers – We know you typically turn to oranges for your Vitamin C, but peppers – especially yellow peppers and chili peppers – have a significantly higher concentration of this essential nutrient. Besides building your immune system, Vitamin C helps with collagen production and strengthens hair shaft capillaries.


Carrots – These veggies and the Vitamin A found within, aren’t just useful for improving your eyesight. Your body uses this vitamin to produce sebum – the natural scalp oil that your hair needs.


Eggs – Eggs, as well as whole grains and oysters, are brimming with zinc and selenium. These are essential for avoiding dry, flaky scalps. Eaten in moderation, eggs can also help with the absorption of biotin.


Whole Grains – Biotin is water-soluble Vitamin B, and if you don’t have enough of it, your hair becomes brittle and weak. Whole grains are a terrific way to get this nutrient, but liver is even better.


Chicken – You need a lot of protein for healthy hair and nails. Without it, nothing wants to grow. You can enjoy protein in chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products. If you don’t eat any of those, bump your intake of nuts and legumes.


If these foods sound exactly like every other healthy diet you’ve read, there’s a reason for that. Most of these nutrients are exactly what your body craves to keep you in shape. And, it sounds like a stir-fry, doesn’t it?