Can Chlorine Speed Up Hair Loss?

On those scorching hot summer days, there is little more tempting than diving head first into the pool (if of course you are a ‘water babe’!). However, if you are suffering from hair loss or have recently received hair loss treatment, it’s likely that you will have been bombarded by advice from other sufferers and so-called ‘experts’ that the chlorine found in most swimming pools has the potential to exacerbate the hair loss process, or inhibit your recovery in some way.
Don’t let your hair stand on end at the thought, or without the facts. Here at Hair Clinic International, we have the whole story on chlorine and hair loss…

We’re not going to tell you little white lies…
Prolonged exposure to chlorine can indeed result in minor hair damage. This is because it saps the follicles of their natural oils, leading to dryness and, eventually, an increase in split ends. This dryness can also contribute to scalp irritation, which can ultimately lead to itchiness and unsightly dandruff. The good news is that chlorine does not cause hair loss, and these other symptoms only present themselves after significant periods of exposure.

The Journal of Dermatology recently concluded a study in which they compared a large number of professional swimmers’ hair to the hair of a number of other people who spent drastically less time in pools. The results showed that the swimmers’ hair indeed showed signs of damage; however, they were not significantly more likely to experience accelerated hair loss.

So, there you have it. There’s no need to stress too much about (literally) keeping your head above water. You can let your hair down as much as you want… but if you’re still worried, there’s certainly no harm in investing in a swimming cap!