Hairloss questions and answers

Hairloss questions and answers you’ve got to know

Have you ever woken up and noticed that you have a bit of a “patch”, but thought to yourself “nah, it will go away,” only to realise that it is still there the next week and the week after that? Or perhaps you tried out a “new and improved” hair product that incredibly thinned your hair and no matter what you try, it just seems like it is not growing back.

When is it time to chill and wait for your hair to grow back or to stop panicking and call  Hair Clinic International for a free consultation? The reality is that you won’t know until you ask that question to a professional.

We believe that asking questions is not only good but imperative. There is no question that is too insignificant or stupid. Our specialist consultants are here for you and will always do their utmost to help you out. In order to get the ball rolling, we thought we would share some of our ‘Most’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in a series of blogs.

Q: Help, I have tried to Google all sorts of potions and remedies to cure my split ends. What do you suggest?
A: Unfortunately, the cure for split ends is a trim.

Q: When buying a professional hair care shampoo, should I explicitly buy the one for men/women?
A: Contrary to popular belief, there is no practical difference between the hair of a male and/or female. A quality shampoo should work just as well on any gender and the same goes for various other hair products. The core difference for products that are specifically marketed to a particular gender is the fragrances and/or colouring added.

Q: My hair is falling out in a particular spot on my head! How do I get it back?
A: When hair falls out in circular areas on your head, it is often temporary and not a cause for great concern. However, it’s always advisable to check with our hair specialist when you notice something peculiar happening in your hairline. In fact the condition can most probably be alopecia areata and is said to be aggravated by stress, but just to make sure (and to get a plan to grow/get it back soon), get it looked over by a specialist.

Q: Is it possible to “over shampoo” my hair?
A: Yes. Depending on your hair type and if you are using traditional shampoo, it is best to shampoo it about 1 – 2 times a week in order not to over strip it off its natural goodness and essential oils. That being said, don’t forget to condition it regularly.

Q: Can ingesting prenatal vitamins really help to grow my hair faster?
A: Yes, this is true. In short, your body thinks it is getting nutrients for two. However, this should not be done under any circumstances without first consulting your physician.


Q: What is Laser Therapy (and am I a candidate for it)?

A: Think painless, non-toxic wonder hair regrowth, without negative side effects. – That’s Laser Therapy in a nutshell. It makes use of red laser spectrum wavelength to promote the simulation of blood flow and oxygen in the follicles and scalp, as well the photosynthetic energising of the follicles. If you are tired of hair loss, want to grow your own hair back or are trying to prevent hair loss, then you could be the ideal candidate.

Would you like to know more about Laser Therapy, hair restoration solutions and more? If you have a question that was not answered here, get in touch and we will gladly assist you, or watch out for our follow up in this Q&A series.


You can also contact us for an obligation free hair consultation to get a trained professional to assess your particular condition. Whatever the case, we may have the perfect non-surgical and/or surgical treatment to help you. Contact us today.