Hair loss is a sensitive topic on any given day especially when you’re the one suffering from it. There are a multitude of treatments, methods and home remedies that promise to bring back what was lost. During my time in the hair industry – if I tell you how long I’ll give away my age – I’ve heard of such remedies as drinking “bob martins”, only cutting your hair during the full moon and using a variety of oils and potions. All of them have some merit. Consumption of animal products, however is not recommended but taking a good multivitamin daily, is. The one thing that all these remedies have in common, is that all of them only focus on the progress of the hair itself, they neglect the condition and functionality of the scalp.

Your hair grows from the root, which is located in the skin/scalp. Dead skin cells, along with sebum can cause blockages in the pores. Barring the new hair from growing. Now, everyone has sebum and dead skin however when trying to remedy hair loss, it is extra important that we remove those excesses regularly. Treatments such as laser and Minoxidil are highly effective hair loss treatments. Ensuring that the scalp environment is healthy and clean will help those treatments perform better. Think of it as the difference between a paved road and a gravel road. No matter the car you drive, a paved obstacle free road is a lot easier to travel on. Regular maintenance is key to healthy looking hair.

“But you heard that washing too often can cause hair loss?” There is no sufficient evidence to prove that regular hair washing causes or worsens hair loss. In fact, the cleaner and healthier the scalp, the better the hair will appear. More often than not it is the vigorous rubbing with which we shampoo our hair as well as yanking and pulling when we brush and or style the hair, that causes damage. The quality of the products you use as well as the amount of heat styling you do will also add to the effectiveness of the treatment regime you follow.

Unfortunately when dealing with hair loss there are no shortcuts or one-off solutions. Because hair growth is constantly in progress, the maintenance, treatment and effort will be continuous. Hair has 3 growth phases; a growth phase which is the phase where the hair gains length, the resting phase which is the phase when growth has stopped and the hair is now getting ready to transition into the fall out phase. Thus it is normal for hair to fall out, in fact it has to fall out to make way for new hair. But, if there is something blocking the pore or the path of the hair growth, that hair can’t grow. Rendering any expensive and, or home remedy ineffective.

Thanks to the advances in skin care technology we now have the ability to take care of that area much better than before. Procedures such as chemical peels and dermaplaning are used to force the skin to renew itself faster, resulting in more supple healthy skin.

The Mizani Scalp Care in-house treatment is one of the treatments we offer to aid in scalp maintenance. Done whilst you wait between laser sessions or any other time you have available. Infused with Salicylic acid, Aloe, Avocado oil and Eucalyptus oil, it exfoliates and soothes. The Salicylic acid loosens dead skin and debris from the scalp, thus unblocking the pores and clearing the way for hair growth. Whilst the Aloe, Avocado oil and Eucalyptus oil helps to soothe and rebalance the scalp.

Remember, whilst throwing everything you can at hair loss is a great idea, you can’t have a party in a dirty house. Ask your consultant about booking a scalp treatment today at one of our Hair Clinic International branches.

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