Main Causes of Hair Loss

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss or hair thinning, you are probably wondering what’s causing it. While unlucky genetics is the most common cause of hair loss and, unfortunately, something you can’t change or rectify without treatment, there are a few other hair loss causes that you will often have a little more control over…

You know that old saying ‘stress makes you want to pull your hair out’? Well, there’s really no need to – the stress will make it fall out all by itself! This goes for both physical and emotional stress/trauma.

Lack of Protein

Without enough protein in your diet, your body will start reducing the amount that it uses for non-essential bodily functions, such as hair growth. At least now you have a really good excuse to fire up that braai more often!

Dramatic Weight Loss

If you have been taking those New Year’s resolutions a bit too seriously and have shed a dramatic amount of weight in a short space of time, your hair growth cycle may be shocked out of sync. Don’t worry too much though – it should right itself again in a few months’ time once you get yourself and your hair back on a healthy eating plan.


This by-product of testosterone is the villain that causes male pattern baldness. If you have a receding hair line or your hair is thinning at the crown of your head, DHT is likely to be the cause of your problems.
Ultimately, uncovering the cause of your personal hair loss is easier if you have the help of a professional who will be able to advise and educate you about your options going forward. So stop stressing (it might just be the reason why you’re losing your hair in the first place!) and get in touch with Hair Clinic International today.