Surgical Hair Transplant

Although hair loss is a normal occurrence for many people, it can be frustrating for your lifestyle. Surgery in the form of transplantation is proven to ensure a full head of hair. Restoration surgery is a relatively minor procedure, performed quickly in specialist theatres.

Incredible Hair Transplant Results


every effort is made to stimulate hair growth before baldness becomes an issue, it is not always possible to avoid a non-invasive treatment to generate new growth from the existing roots and hair follicles on your scalp. Transplant techniques ensure success and allow for natural hair regrowth. Through transplanted follicles, hair growth behaves as if you always had healthy roots in those areas.

Restoration surgery is recommended for those with advanced male pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia) that have a natural ring of hair around the bottom of their head. During this procedure, specialists move follicles from the lower edges to the crown, allowing hair roots to settle and sprout into new hairs.

How it Works

Hair transplant surgery is a common procedure and does not require general anaesthetic to complete. Instead, patients receive a mild tranquillizer to reduce discomfort and minimise anxiety throughout the procedure. All parts of the scalp involved in the surgery (both donor and recipient areas) receive local anaesthetic via a small-gauge needle; patients do not experience pain.

During surgery, specialists remove samples from the areas of your head that still produce hair consistently. Technicians splice samples into small grafts. Each one features two to three strands of hair. Grafts are inserted into small slits in the desired growth area. Within a few moments, these tiny skin sections assimilate into their new home as your body’s natural glue anchors them in place. Finally, the donor areas are sutured with small stitches. Donor areas heal within 10 to 12 days; at this point stitches can be removed.

What Happens After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is an outpatient, cosmetic surgery. As with any procedure of this nature, a small amount of bleeding can be expected. However, this will be minimal.

As the donor areas heal, stitches will be invisible provided the hair around it can cover the area naturally. Typically, we recommend leaving a length of three to five centimetres prior to your surgery to facilitate this process.

The transplanted hairs will fall out within a few weeks of the procedure. This response is entirely natural, and indeed the natural progression of the hair growth cycle. The remaining follicles will stay in a dormant state for three to four months. After this point, you can expect new hair to sprout from the transplanted follicles and the indefinite continuation of this growth. It is imperative that all surgery procedures are followed by the Ultimate Regrowth Laser Therapy Programme.

As your doctor will explain, it takes approximately eight to twelve months to realise fully the results of your surgery. The natural cycle of hair growth takes time and features periods of dormancy and hair fall.

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