Hair Loss Prevention is better than cure

As with many ailments in life – prevention is always better than trying to cure, and that is why we suggest adopting a proactive approach to keeping your scalp and hair in tip-top condition in the years ahead. At Hair Clinic International we recommend regular check-ups and will assist with tailor-made solutions to any of your hair loss, hair thinning or balding woes.

Hair restoration treatments can be costly and time-consuming, and though they have proven to be thoroughly effective, some people just cannot afford the cost or the time. For both men and women hair loss, hair thinning and balding can be a devastating experience, but we believe that by being hands-on about maintaining the health of your hair, you would essentially be saving yourself time and money that could be better spent on life’s greatest treasures – time with family and friends.

At Hair Clinic International our treatments are affordable and accessible to all, and our time is devoted to offering practical solutions to address your concerns.

Hair health is not a given

A typical consultation with us will see our specialists discussing all aspects of your lifestyle, including your diet, stress levels and any other external factors, as well as taking into account a full medical history. You will also undergo a hair and scalp examination.

The health of your scalp and hair is something many people take for granted on a daily basis, and often the damage may be already done before prevention is an option – don’t neglect the importance of maintaining a healthy head of hair, and one of your greatest assets – your self-confidence.

All of our treatments, therapies and programs have been FDA cleared and are ECM Compliant with international regulations. With over 30 years of research and development, our combined expertise and experience has helped us to develop revolutionary hair restoration and replacement techniques.

So prevent hair loss from being a factor by visiting us as soon as possible for a free hair check.