Hair loss in men – In today’s society there are many possible reasons for hair loss amongst men, these can include serious diseases, reaction to certain medications, extreme stressful conditions and hereditary links, however the biggest cause is Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness (MPB) this accounts for a huge 95% of hair loss in men today.


Male pattern baldness can have a detrimental and negative impact on a man’s personal and professional life, ranging from social withdrawal to undesirable emotional levels. It can severely lower self-esteem and can create a general feeling of unhappiness in one’s life. The men that find themselves with this issue strive to correct the problem one way or another; however, many are left without the proper information, are misdiagnosed or are not offered the correct treatment.


Hair loss can affect males of all ages. By the age of thirty-five; two-thirds of men would have experienced some kind of hair loss; and by the age of fifty, this increases to 85% who would have experienced significantly thinning hair. There are many causes that will begin to minimize and shorten the life span of each follicle, causing it to thin and fall out.


Generally speaking, male pattern baldness starts with a receding hairline and a thinning crown. The temples and the mid-anterior scalp seem to be the most affected. In time, the top of the scalp becomes completely bald, leaving only a ‘horseshoe’ pattern of hair.


To determine the cause of your hair loss and/or associated problems our Hair Clinic International specialists will microscopically examine your hair sample, scalp and follicles. By doing this we can professionally diagnose your deficiency and in turn recommend and provide the best solutions, treatments or available therapy for you. Whether the cause is genetic, internal causes or external factors, we will address your specific needs and treat accordingly.


Hair clinic International offers a wide range of treatments from Hair Replacement Therapy that can guarantee to give you a full head of healthy hair to Laser Therapy that will grow your own hair back. Visit us today to and prevent baldness before it happens.