Cause of Hair Loss Determined

Before you embark upon the journey of hair loss treatment, your consultant will focus his / her attention on determining the actual cause behind your unwanted ‘new look’. Usually, this process will include an analysis of your medical history, a physical exam and, if necessary, blood tests.

Medical and Hair Loss History

To begin with, you will be asked questions about your medical and hair loss history. Examples of these questions include the following:

    • What kind of hair loss have you been experiencing? Is it physically falling out, or is it simply thinning in certain areas?
    • How suddenly has this become a problem?
    • Do any members of your immediate family suffer from hair loss problems?
    • How do you usually style your hair?
    • Do you undergo any hair treatments or chemical procedures on a regular basis?
    • Have you recently been ill or undergone severe emotional or physical stress?
    • What medications do you take?
    • How balanced is your diet?

From there, your consultant will microscopically examine your scalp to see if there are any obvious reasons as to why your hair loss may be occurring. If the results are inconclusive, you will then be given the option of undergoing further tests.


Your consultant may recommend that you book an appointment with your doctor for blood tests that will screen for afflictions such as an underactive thyroid, anaemia, or hormonal imbalances.

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