Autumn Hair Highveld

If you have curly hair and have ever been to Durban for a holiday in the summertime, you will know full well what high humidity can do to your locks (Diana Ross has nothing on that ‘fro that you sported during the December holidays last year!). However, if you live in the Highveld, you will also know what it is like to suffer on the other side of the spectrum!

As winter swiftly approaches, most of us living in Gauteng will have already noticed a drastic decline in the moisture content of the air (probably due to the fact that our hair has started to resemble bales of hay as opposed to the glorious, luscious locks that we are used to rocking throughout our summers!).

Here is our survival guide for enduring the “straw-dry tresses”  until the warmer months grace us with their presence once again…

Try Home-made Remedies

There is an old wives tale that apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are real lifesavers when it comes to dealing with dry hair caused by a lack of humidity. If you are looking for a modern hydrating treatment, a Moroccan oil deep moisturising treatment at one of our salons is the modern remedy. These treatments can be used in conjunction with your already-existing hair care regime, and promise immediate results and relief!

Eat Right

Diet can make a huge difference if your aim is to ensure healthier locks. Eating plenty of foods with Vitamin E will help to counteract the dryness in the air. Think fish, avocados and nuts. They’ll also help to keep your skin in better condition, too – a trio of taste, hair conditioning and skin care, what more could you want?

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every day

Allow those natural oils to do their job, and resolve to wash your hair only when it is absolutely necessary. Once or twice a week is ideal.

Unfortunately, dry hair and an itchy scalp aren’t the only hair-related complaints that come with autumn in the Highveld. Increased hair fall can also become a more noticeable problem. Luckily, if this is an issue that you are dealing with, there are many different treatment and hair restoration options available out there.

Here at Hair Clinic International, we specialise in everything from laser hair therapy to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and everything in between. Contact us now to organise your free consultation!