Laser Hair Regrowth

When it comes to treating hair loss, non-surgical hair units are always a great option. However, if you have just recently had this treatment and are now gearing up for the December holidays, you’re probably wondering how travelling, and enjoying all of the fun summertime activities might affect your new hair.
Rather than going into hibernation check out our handy tips below that will make it possible for you to relish your time off and keep looking great while doing so.

  1. Excessive exposure to chlorine has a tendency to lighten the colour of hair, whereas the salt in sea water can cause dryness. Because of this, we recommend that you rinse off any salt water or chlorine after swimming… just in case!
  2. The sun can damage your brand new head of hair – and we certainly don’t want that! Counteract the effects of the sun by making sure you apply Hair Clinic International Hair 2.0 Leave in Conditioner in your hair. It’s chockfull of all the UV protection you’ll need.
  3. You will have been prescribed a special shampoo and conditioner after receiving non-surgical hair replacement therapy. Make sure that you use the correct type and that you take enough with you to last you throughout your holiday.
  4. Avoid tangling after a windswept walk or highflying adventure, by ensuring that you always have your detangling hair brush handy.
  5. Keep your personal hair maintenance kit with you at all times and ensure that you know how to use it (if you have any questions, get in touch with your hair technician).

For the best possible results, try to have your integration done before you take that well-earned holiday. In this way, and by following our tips there really is no need to get grey hair stressing about maintaining your awesome new mane.