I started my hair restoration journey with Hair Clinic International (Durban) about 4 months ago. I tried so many things before going to them, coconut oil, castor oil, onion juice, massaging. None of these actually worked. I realized that I needed professional help to make my hair regrow.
Having thinning hair really hit my confidence level. To some, it may not be a bother, but to others it’s very disappointing.
So when I finally got the chance to start my treatment, I was extremely excited.
Desree and Anele at the Durban branch are amazing! Friendly and so warm from the very first meeting. It actually feels like visiting family whenever I go in. Desree (Scalp Specialist) explains everything to you, And answers every question that you throw at her. Anele is always ready to help and always greets you with a smile.
I’m currently using shampoos and regrowth vitamins to aid my hair growth as well as going in for laser twice a week. In 4 months I’ve witnessed a dramatic change in hair growth. Look, feel, and density has improved so much in just 4 months. I couldn’t believe what I saw.
I’m looking forward to the rest of my treatment, and even more progressive results
Thank You so much Hair Clinic team!