Hair Filler Treatments

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Hair Filler

Losing your hair – whether due to genetics or testosterone especially in Men, general hair thinning commonly in Women, hair loss due to medications, chemotherapy or damage caused braiding, this can be traumatic and stressful which often affects our confidence and how we present ourselves to the world. Use of the Hair filler does not… Read more »

Patient Interview: “I Would Recommend The Hair Clinic 100000000% Definitely!”

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client testimonial

The first two weeks of laser therapy treatment were the hardest for *Jason McLeod. Something was happening and the side-effects were not pleasant. Yet, thank goodness for his body’s resilience. He overcame the side-effects and pressed on to victory. “I did the six months laser treatment course. At first it did not agree with me and made… Read more »

Patient Interview: From Patches To Complete Crowning Glory

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Client testimonial

What do you do when patches appear on your head? This happened to Polly*. No matter what she tried, the patches grew worse. She had tried it all yet nothing alleviated the problem. That was until she bumped into a street pole poster that turned everything around. “I was notified about Hair Clinic International from… Read more »

“I Lost My Hair!” – A Client Reveals How She Got It Back

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Hair clinic reviews

“The confidence you lose as a woman when you lose your hair is unspeakable. I stopped going out. I started thinking of wigs, caps and cover-ups. It was awful,” said at Hair Clinic International. Patient who wants to be identified only as *Pat. Even with a head full of hair and radiant confidence during the… Read more »

Beating Hairline Blues – Client Testimonial

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HCI testimonials

Bad hairline. Unfortunately, African women know this all too well. The proudly African trademarks of braids or the modernisation of relaxer, wigs and weaves come at a price. In all honesty, bad hairlines cut across racial and colour lines… and when they do, low self-esteem and sadness can step in. The story of Katlego Moeng,… Read more »

Ethnic Hair Care Series: Causes of hair loss – Part 2

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Causes of hair loss 

“I want to have pieces of hair missing from my hairline and be forced to stick to the same cover-up hairstyles” – said no one ever. Yet why does it happen so much? Time and time again people find themselves shopping for hats, caps, Googling miracle hair growers, gluing hair patches or applying makeup to… Read more »