Restore Your Crowning Glory with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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Restore Crown

Much to everyone’s dismay, as we age, the stresses and worries of everyday life can do more harm than just give us a grey hair (literally and figuratively!). It can also cause hair thinning and balding… and it goes without saying that this ‘new look’ does little for our confidence. Fortunately, there are options available… Read more »

Mesotherapy – A Restorative Hair Treatment

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Why suffer from balding or thinning hair when, pretty soon after receiving Mesotherapy at Hair Clinic International, you can look like Kim Kardashian on a photo-shoot with a wind machine, or change your hair style à la Johnny Depp, as often as women change their handbags! Here’s everything that you need to know about this… Read more »

A History Of Carboxytherapy

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Carboxytherapy, also known as Carbon Dioxide Therapy originated over 80 years ago in the royal spas of France. Patients who regularly bathed in the carbon dioxide-rich thermal waters displayed quicker wound healing. It was then found that this carbon dioxide exposure to the skin improved blood circulation and the skin’s texture and elasticity. Today, Carboxytherapy… Read more »

Hair Filler Treatments

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Hair Filler

Losing your hair – whether due to genetics or testosterone especially in Men, general hair thinning commonly in Women, hair loss due to medications, chemotherapy or damage caused braiding, this can be traumatic and stressful which often affects our confidence and how we present ourselves to the world. Use of the Hair filler does not… Read more »