Patient Testimonial – Full Hair Growth In Spite Of Dermatologist’s Negative Report

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Restore hair

After a rather somber visit to the dermatologist, Ian refused to give up on his hair condition. Against all odds, the ‘problem solver at heart’ pressed on to see if there was anyone out there who could offer real relief and help him to turn the tables. “I Googled the Hair Clinic after I experienced… Read more »

Patient Interview: “I Would Recommend The Hair Clinic 100000000% Definitely!”

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client testimonial

The first two weeks of laser therapy treatment were the hardest for *Jason McLeod. Something was happening and the side-effects were not pleasant. Yet, thank goodness for his body’s resilience. He overcame the side-effects and pressed on to victory. “I did the six months laser treatment course. At first it did not agree with me and made… Read more »

Patient Interview: From Patches To Complete Crowning Glory

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Client testimonial

What do you do when patches appear on your head? This happened to Polly*. No matter what she tried, the patches grew worse. She had tried it all yet nothing alleviated the problem. That was until she bumped into a street pole poster that turned everything around. “I was notified about Hair Clinic International from… Read more »