Ethnic Hair Care Series: Causes of hair loss – Part 2

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Causes of hair loss 

“I want to have pieces of hair missing from my hairline and be forced to stick to the same cover-up hairstyles” – said no one ever. Yet why does it happen so much? Time and time again people find themselves shopping for hats, caps, Googling miracle hair growers, gluing hair patches or applying makeup to… Read more »

New Series on Ethnic Hair Care Treatments – Part 1

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Ethnic Hair Care Treatments

Bad nutrition that excludes the required vitamins and minerals Excessive use of hair relaxers and dyes Genetics Hormonal changes such as during pregnancy and menopause Medication (please consult your doctor for more information on the side effects of your medication) Product residues from “leave in” potions or not rinsing well Scalp conditions like dermatitis and persistent… Read more »