Dreadlocks & Hair Loss: Is There A Link?

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Dreadlocks & Hair Loss

Certain hairstyles like dreadlocks are – as the idiom puts it – sacred cows. This hairstyle can mean so many things to different people; it can serve as a trendy hairstyle, link to social groups and even has undertones whereby it is perceived to be an integral part to connecting human beings with deity.  … Read more »

10 Facts About Your Hair That You Might Not Know

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10 Facts About Your Hair

Hair is an amazing thing. Probably more interesting and intricate than many care to admit. Hair can affect our perceived self-image or in some cases, even potentially communicate our health status (eg with cancer patients undergoing treatment) as well as religious, social and cultural affiliations. Okay, we admit that maybe being Hair Clinic International, we’re… Read more »

What’s All The Fuss About Laser Hair Regrowth?

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Laser Thearapy

If you’ve tried lotions, ointments, potions, old wives tales, homemade concoctions and just about anything under the sun that you could think of and you’re still struggling with hair loss; then you should consider laser hair restoration therapy as an intervention. It is not just for those who are suffering from hair loss of one… Read more »

Unplaiting The Truth About Braiding

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Unplaiting the truth about braiding

There are certain hairstyles that never seem to go out of fashion. Braiding falls proudly within this category. Depending on the hairdresser, braids can be styled for casual, business and just about every day wear. It’s the go-to hairstyle for almost every occasion. However, what many don’t know (until they see it on their head)… Read more »